General Sales Conditions

23 February 2012

Prices and Taxes

1. Prices Guarantee

The sale price of products published on the Canada KiWAMi website are prices taxes non-included. These prices are guaranteed.
The prices do not include delivery costs, customs charges, import taxes or any other taxes that may apply to Departments, Territories or countries other than Canada. A detailed invoice is delivered to the client along with the order.

2. Taxes

The items that you order are subject to the Canadian taxes system.

According to your province, this is your taxes rate:

Province of Customer     GST     PST     HST
Alberta     0.05     -     -
British Columbia     0.05     -     -
Manitoba     0.05     -     -
New Brunswick     -     -     0.13
Newfoundland and Labrador     -     -     0.13
Northwest Territories     0.05     -     -
Nova Scotia     0.05     -     0.13
Nunavut     0.05     -     -
Ontario     -     -     0.13
Prince Edward Island     0.05     -     -
Quebec     0.05     -     -
Saskatchewan     0.05     -     -
 Yukon     0.05     -     -

Product Delivery

Delivery Fee and Delivery Delays :

We have a combined FLAT fee for shipping and handling: $15 (taxes non included).
Your order will be shipped via “Expedited Parcel delivery” with Canada Post.
The delay for reception varies from 1 to 3 days depending on your location in Canada.

This is a flat fee regardless of the amount of items in the order (up to a maximun of 10 items).

For larger order and/or other method of delivery, please contact Euro Multisports Distribution prior to your order.

If any item is unavailable at the time your order is received, Euro Multisports Distribution will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an exchange or re-imbursement.

Delivery Problems:

Euro Multisports Distribution accepts no responsibility for delays of delivery or lost parcels due to the fault of the transporter, or employee actions such as strikes.

If your order has not been delivered in the 8 working days, without warning from Euro Multisports Distribution, contact Euro Multisports Distribution. We will contact the delivering authority and track the parcel.

If, after having received your parcel, you discover the contents do not correspond to your order (E.g. you ordered an Amphibian size M and have received an Amphibian size L), contact Euro Multisports Distribution.
Euro Multisports Distribution will advise you of the procedure to follow in order to exchange the item of the correct one. Please retain the product in it’s original packaging. Euro Multisports Distribution will pay the cost of returning the item only if an error has been made by Euro Multisports Distribution itself.

Payment Options:

The customer can choose from various payment options on the KiWAMi website.
After the payment has been validated, you will receive confirmation of the payment. The amount of your order will be debited from your account only at time your actual order is sent to you by Euro Multisports Distribution. Only the amount of the items sent to you and the delivery costs will be debited from your account (+ taxes).

    1. Secure payment on the internet (KiWAMi website);
    2. Payment by telephone, email;
    3. Payment by cheque in the post;
    4. Payment by Paypal;
    5. Non-acceptance of payment.

1. Secure Internet Transaction information:
Whenever you pay by credit card on our website, Euro Multisports Distribution guarantees you a secure and confidential transaction. Your credit card number is processed by the company Beanstream™, which has been carefully selected by Euro Multisports Distribution for their ability to ensure total security of your credit card information. All credit card transactions are crypted and protected. This ensures that your credit card details do not circulate on the internet. Your account is debited to the total amount of your purchases and delivery costs the same day as you make the order.

Only credit cards with the acronyms VISA or MASTERCARD are accepted. An order confirmed by the customer online is valid only when the credit card central network system authorises the transaction. If the transaction is not authorised by the CCCNS, Euro Multisports Distribution reserves the right to cancel the order and stop the delivery of the product.

2. Payment by telephone, email:
Payment by email, telephone is possible for customers who do not wish to provide credit card information on the KiWAMi website, providing the delivery costs are able to be calculated by the website.
Please contact Euro Multisports Distribution directly by telephone or email. You will be required to provide your credit card number and its expiry date, along with the details of your order and your delivery address.
Only credit cards with the acronyms VISA or MASTERCARD are accepted.

An order validated by a customer and transmitted by email, telephone is effective only when the central credit card system has accepted the transaction. If a transaction si refused Euro Multisports Distribution reserves the right to cancel the order and stop delivery of it. The customer will be contacted as quickly as possible.

3. Payment by cheque in the post
Please contact Euro Multisports Distribution prior to your order to arrange payment by cheque.

4. Payment by Paypal
Please contact Euro Multisports Distribution prior to your order to arrange payment by Paypal.

5. Non-acceptance of payment
You wish to make a purchase on the KiWAMi website but you are unable to validate the payment by credit card.
Verify that the credit card you wish to use is accepted on the KiWAMi website (MasterCard, EuroCard).
Verify that the credit card information you have provided is correct.

If the problem persists please contact Euro Multisports Distribution directly to arrange a solution.

Your payment was not validated by our services.
The bank managing the account of credit card details you have provided has not allowed the transaction to take place. Please contact your bank to fix the problem before re-ordering. In the meantime, your order is automatically cancelled.

Returns and Exchanges

If within 10 days from the date of reception of your purchase you are unhappy with your KiWAMi purchase please contact Euro Multisports Distribution. We will do our best to find a solution to the problem with you.

Please make sure you check your order as soon as possible after receiving it. Note any error in the model, colour, size and quantity of each item. All garments should be tried on over top of underwear and without removal of the labels or tags.

In the case of a simple product return, Euro Multisports Distribution will re-imburse you for the total amount you paid for the item excluding the delivery cost. In the case of a product exchange (size / colour), the cost of re-delivery is the responsibility of the customer.

In all cases, the customer is obliged to return the product to Euro Multisports Distribution in perfect condition, unsoiled, unmarked, undamaged in any way, in it’s original packaging, with the original labels and tags attached and accompanied by the purchase invoice. In the case of non-conformity to any of these conditions, KiWAMi reserves the right to refuse an exchange or re-imbursement.

Customer Rights

Customer files
In order to be able to meet your needs and provide an optimal service, we need to record record some personal information such as name, address, email and telephone number. This information is essential for Euro Multisports Distribution to be able to process your order effectively. All personal information is kept confidential by Euro Multisports Distribution.

Euro Multisports Distribution guarantees you right of access to and modification of this information. Simply write to Euro Multisports Distribution, precising your full name and address.
All bank account information you communicate to Euro Multisports Distribution during an online purchase is not filed, recorded or visible on the internet. No one is able to intercept the information you send.

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